Don’t Call it a Comeback

30 Aug

So it’s been a while. I’ve been meaning to update for some time but alas I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of distractions- hot summer days, breezy summer nights, a move, a trip to Jeju Island, weekenders, tales of dystopian societies and three seasons of Breaking Bad(from which I’ve only now been able to break free from the death grip of addiction).   I’ve also been avoiding editing my pictures from Jeju, which at a tally of 500+ photos, is a frightfully daunting task.

I moved apartments at the beginning of August because the lease on the old place ran out (oh for shame! thiscommentdripswithsarcasm)  and so, while I am in the process of  conquering the Jeju monster, I will pay homage to sad, dank,  mold grow-op that was my former abode.

The old abode. Note the welcoming jail cell bars covering the windows. You also may note that some cretin decided to conveniently park their bicycle in the garbage pile just outside of the building. That cretin just so happens to be me. But don’t look to me for an explanation as to why because your guess is as good as mine.

An exciting look at my alleyway street.

Although the old place was subpar at best, it had a picturesque pond located just up the street from it.

Lining the pond is a stone path sprinkled with gazebos and benches for families to sit.

Apparently I’ve developed a penchant for ducks.


A sample from my bicycle’s glamor shoot??

Beautiful pond. Slightly less than mediocre building-how terrible could it really have been?

Really really, the mold situation was outta control. Not only did it likely reek havoc on my respiratory system, it destroyed  many of my possessions including my favourite leather boots, my new and only blazer, my guitar case and my solid plastic kitchen timer (not that this is a great tragedy but how on earth does dry, solid plastic collect mold?). Keep in mind that I had not previously bathed these things in water to let them air dry in my room with no windows-a testament  to how terrible the ventilation was in the room. Needless to say I m more than relieved to bid good riddance to that mold cave.

More posts to come?



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