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Hedgie vs the Hair

12 May

Early last week I was giving the hedgie formerly known as Baji (nope still no real name yet) a bath (as seen above), when I noticed what looked like a mutant horror show attached to his leg in leu of a usually delicate paw. This discovery threw me into a panic ridden state, leading me to scour the net for possible causes and to frantically call my poor co-teacher at 1:30 am to force her to find me a 24 hr veterinary clinic (which led her to wake up a vet, leaving neither of them particularly impressed with me ….oopsie) My co-teacher was nice enough to drive me to the vet early the next morning, acting not only as my chaperone but as my translator as well. I am very lucky that she acted as the intermediary at this junction as the following is what I perceived to unfold.

*The vet removes the lid from carrying case, then shrieks and jumps about three feet back in response to the hedgie’s jarring hyperventilation, instilling in me heaps of confidence in relation to her experience with hedgehogs*

Vet: What is the matter?

Me: His leg looks swollen, I noticed it last night

*The vet proceeds to stick him with a bunch of needles. Once he falls asleep(by this point I’ve realized that the needles were an anesthetic…..or that he’s been euthanized), she takes a better look at his leg and shrieks again, shows the leg to my co-teacher who also shrieks. Vet throws me some severe cut eye *

Vet: IT’S VERY SERIOUS! SO SERIOUS! Korean Korean Korean.

Co-Teach: Korean Korean Korean

Vet: Korean Korean Korean

Co-Teach: Korean Korean Korean

Vet: Korean Korean Korean

*This ensues for a few minutes. The vet sharpens her dagger eyes and then throws them in my direction*


*Vet runs into the back area, emerging 10 minutes later to show me that his wound needs a few stitches, but does not leave to do them until she tell me something I may not have gathered…*


*The Vet takes another 10 minutes  to stitch him up. She emerges, looking exasperated by the procedure*

Vet: Korean Korean Korean

Co-Teach: Korean Korean Korean

Vet: SERIOUS. Korean Korean Korean

Co-Teach: Korean Korean Korean

Vet: Korean Korean Korean

Me: *Hyperventilating*

Vet: You have to check him often. I can’t give you an exact number, but lets just say it’s at least 20 to 30 times a day.

I’m sure it went on for a bit after that but to sum it up, if she were to have presented his case in powerpoint format, the presentation would be entitled SERIOUS! (subtitle) IT’S SO SERIOUS. As you could imagine I left the veterinarians office feeling anxious and guiltily, as if it was some sort of negligence on my part that had led out to this serious situation. However,once I asked my co-teacher what all the Korean hullabaloo was about she explained that the injury was incurred because a hair had gotten caught around his leg(to be fair I gained an understanding of this during the visit), which cut off blood flow to the paw, causing it to swell. Not only was she told that this was in fact a common situation, all would be ok if I made sure he wasn’t picking as his wound and gave him his medication when appropriate.   

I’ve brought the poor guy back to the vet for a few check ups and it’s now safe to say that the score for this round is Hedgie 1 – Hair 0. Fewf. Things were getting serious there for a bit.