13 Apr

…and misdiagnosed.

Just came back from the doctor to replace a simple skin cream I mindlessly left back in Toronto. The convo unfolded like so:

Doctor: Why are you here?

Me: I need to replace a cream that I was using in Canada it was ca…

Dr: Okay! let’s seee(looks at me for a millisecond while blinking……) Ahh you have allergies!

Me: Oh no, I’m not allergic to anything..

Dr: Oh, right! (Types a code into the computer, Allergies pops up in bold capital letters)

Me: Oh no no I DON’T HAVE ALLERGIES. What am I allergic to exactly?

Dr: Ah yes! Hmm I know what it is, allergies!

Me: But I’m not allergic to anything..

Dr: I understand now. You are telling me that you have allergies.

Me: No no (motioning X with arms)

Dr: Oh okay lets see (types into computer …. what pops up?? duh! allergies in bold letters extra large font………………….ok so maybe the font size was normal)

Me: But I dont hav….uh never mind….. it’s ok please don’t perscribe me anything to be taken oraly.

Dr: Ah ok ok! (types up prescription) So you do this (motions taking oral medication with hands) for three days and then come back and see me. Okay bye thank you!

*My boss beckons for me to leave the office*

Me: I think he gave me the wrong medication I don’t have allergies.

Boss: Oh but sometimes you can have allergies.

Me: Yesssssss …..

Boss: Some times skins allergic to something and then it needs medicine.

*Cue to me boxing myself in the face*

I was too disgruntled at this point to argue further so I simply paid for my doctors bill and prescription and left (not like either were pricey, the grand total was equivalent to about $6.00 CAD). I feel bad being bothered as my boss went out of her way to drive me (which is way beyond her call of duty), but I now am in possession of 9 baggies of pills and a tube of cream all meant for someone with allergies, which incase you didn’t quite understand from the conversation with the doctor, I don’t have.



Ps Totally unrelated, but whilst searching for a picture of Conory in his role of Medicine Man to feature in this post, I came across many photos from what must have been his Bond days-what a dreamboat! (this is likely news to no one, and though dreamboat may exagerated, its rather hard for me to picture him looking anything but comical….alas I was mistaken)


One Response to “Overprescribed….”

  1. Kim April 30, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

    So, I’ve got to know…. what’d you actually need the creme for if not allergies??

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