Taxi Driver

19 Mar

Yes, it may be mildly cretinous that the only way to get myself home at night is by shoving directions to my apartment, which my boss painstakingly typed into my phone, into the face of a taxi cab driver .(In my defense, when I asked for a nearest intersection or street name I was informed that the streets were unnamed until 5 to 10 years ago-cue U2. Thus most people are unaccustomed to using street names, making the process slightly more complicated) And yes, given that I am unable to provide simple directions such as “no not that way”, “left” or “straight ahead”, it would be unrealistic to have expectations of arriving exactly at my apartment.

HOWEVER, no matter what language barriers and cultural differences exist, I feel its safe to assume that logic should dictate that no, my apartment is not located in the dirty dark back alley dumpster of the local hospital, nor would I be visiting a sick friend at 5 am. Really, what good sense would incline you to drop a single female in the back alley of a hospital at that hour of day,  5 to 10 minutes off any road? And more importantly, are you not concerned that my Mc Donalds fries are getting cold? ***

***This being said, taxi service in Korea is awesome! It cost me about 4 dollars no tip to get me home from down town. For the same distance in Toronto it would cost around 16 dollars, plus a tip if you have a heart….


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