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Le Wah!

28 Feb

The old teacher moved out of my apartment this morning, which means I move in tonight riiiight? WRONG! My move has been postponed until the weekend as a moldapoloza has been discovered behind the headboard of my bed. Sigh. I suppose this means another week of being fed delicious home cooked meals and eating free Korean treats. Oh, and that picture, it’s the view from the bedroom window of their condo.

Le wah indeed!



26 Feb

A week has passed since a sleep deprived version of myself landed in Pohang, South Korea. Though I have yet to self-actualize or speak fluent Korean ,I feel that now is an appropriate time to write about my initial impressions of my new home.

Though I boarded an airplane that took me far far away to a foreign place where I look and speak like no one, the culture shock was certainly less than anticipated. The only shock is the overwhelming kindness and generosity that I have been shown. And unlike in egocentric western culture, having a strong value system is a virtue,  so if anything I find easier to relate. (yes I am claiming to have an ironclad value system…..arrogance is totally part of the Korean value system, no?)

What I have found most jarring is how handicapped my inability to speak Korean has left me to feel. Yes of course I should have anticipated something so obvious, but I’m not one to be realistic (though my expectation to speak fluent korean upon stepping onto Korean soil would not be an example of this) .  The inability to communicate has left me feeling like an infant. Once simple tasks like taking the bus and buying groceries now require the mental dexterity of taking the LSAT. I am continually surrounded by conversations that are clearly about me but have no idea what is being said.   But I know that this is all part of the process and I need to be patient and that the frustration will dissipate with time.  My absorption of the Korean language thus far has been limited to greetings and food(duh), and if we are honest it’s mostly me awkwardly bowing and mumbling “annyeong haseyo” at one decibel.  My only condolence is the fact that my Korean vocabulary seems to amaze locals (along with the fact that I can perfectly wield a pair of chopstick -again with the arrogance- and my ability to eat anything raw or spicier than Mc Donalds)

Up until now I have been staying with my new bosses as my place is still inhabited by the old teacher. Though to say that my stay has been comfortable would be an understatement, I feel it would be inappropriate to galavant about the city at whim, so consequently have not explored the city much. However I move out on Monday(woohoo) so that should change fast.

I will try to post pictures of my new villa within the next few days.